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How to Hone in on the Best Home Builder for Your Needs

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If you’re trying to find the best home builders, you don’t necessarily need the most popular home builder. Instead, you need to hone in on the professional who is the best match for your personal style and preferences. Here are some tips on how to find that individual: 1. Keep a Folder of the Homes That Inspire You To find the best builder for your needs, start by creating a collection of the homes that inspire you. Read More»

Six Strategies to Reduce Consumption and Save Money on Electricity in Your Restaurant

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If you run a restaurant, you likely spend a lot of money on your electrical bills every month. To cut down on costs, there are a number of things you can do. Try incorporating these energy-efficient tips into your eatery: 1. Turn Off Everything at Night Make sure that all electronics are off at the end of the night. That includes kitchen appliances as well as office computers and point-of-sale systems. Read More»

The "Shoulds" and "Coulds" of Wetwood: What it Means When Your Tree Bleeds Sap

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Much like humans, when trees experience bouts of stress, they weaken and become susceptible to infection. Stress comes in many forms. In Australia, summer droughts can deprive trees of water and nutrients and the resulting stress can leave the tree vulnerable for months. Likewise, injuries to roots, poorly carried out pruning cuts and injuries caused by nearby construction work can leave a tree vulnerable to bacteria. When stressed, some tree species such as elms, poplars, cottonwoods and ash will begin to bleed sap. Read More»

It's Easy Being Green: How Screw Piles Can Reduce Your Site's Environmental Impact

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It would be easy to assume that being environmentally friendly is costly and impractical. Luckily for both business owners and the earth itself, that’s not always the case.  Sometimes, the environmentally friendly option is also the economic one - and that’s certainly the case with steel screw piles.  You might not expect it.  After all, screw piles have been an industry stalwart for a long time; they are one of the fundamental techniques for securing foundations in place. Read More»

The Various Types of Carport Construction Plans you Should Know

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You probably need a carport in your home to offer your car a nice shade and protection from harsh weather conditions. They also contribute largely to the overall outlook of your home. Therefore, when planning construction of a carport, you have to first consider a design that is compatible and makes a perfect fit with your house. Carports may range from combinations of tarpaulin roofs and steel poles to other sturdier cement counterparts covered with metal sheet roofs. Read More»

Avoid These Materials and Styles When Choosing Pool Fencing

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Secure pool fencing is very important for any home, as this will keep the pool area secure against unsupervised toddlers and pets and keep out unwelcome visitors who might be tempted to use your pool when you’re away. Most cities have legal requirements as to pool fencing when it comes to height and other factors but may still allow you to choose from a variety of styles and materials; however, there are a few designs of fencing you might want to avoid for around a pool in particular. Read More»