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The Various Types of Carport Construction Plans you Should Know

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You probably need a carport in your home to offer your car a nice shade and protection from harsh weather conditions. They also contribute largely to the overall outlook of your home. Therefore, when planning construction of a carport, you have to first consider a design that is compatible and makes a perfect fit with your house. Carports may range from combinations of tarpaulin roofs and steel poles to other sturdier cement counterparts covered with metal sheet roofs. Check out the various types of carports and make a clear assessment of each to know the one you can put up:

Party Tent Carports

These are essentially party tents that are big enough to offer space for your car. They are not permanent and because of their light nature, they can be easily carried from one place to another. The tent cover is made of polyester sheet and is supported by poles that are made of polyethylene. Being portable in this case is an advantage. However, it does not offer a permanent solution in case you need a structure that will serve for an extended period.

Prefabricated Metal Canopy Carports

This type of carports is made of galvanised steel and is installed as a semi-permanent extension of your home. There are few assembly procedures needed considering that the prefabricated metal canopy carports are delivered ready for set-up and installation. All you need to do is to set the roof over the pre-fabricated frames. They can withstand all natural elements and are made sturdy enough to last for several years. They resemble party tents and are always made of steel instead of plastic. The roofing material is made of a polyethylene or tarpaulin cover.

Extension Garage Carports

This is a more permanent option for your car. If you have adequate space in your lawn, you can come up with a garage carport that is made of concrete as it stands the test of time. Polycarbonate sheets and plastic are the most common types of materials that serve well as its roof. When designing it, make sure to match the style of the extension with the rest of your house.

Aluminium Carports

These types are similar to their prefabricated metal cousins, but they use aluminium rods as the frame instead of galvanised steel. It is lightweight yet more durable compared to party tent types.  Aluminium carports are one of the best options to consider if you want something that can be moved from one place to another yet sturdier than party tents.