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How to Dress Up Timber Roof Trusses and Add Style to Your Home

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Timber roof trusses are thick, heavy beams that are used in place of standard roof beams and joists. These trusses help to hold up the weight of the home, dispersing it across the span of the beams. You can use these beams to avoid the need for load-bearing walls in the lower levels and for when you want to keep the ceiling open and exposed. If you're looking for a unique touch in your home, note a few ways to use and dress up timber roof trusses for added style, and then discuss your choices with your building contractor as needed.

Adding wood between the beams

Many ceilings that have timber trusses will have drywall or stucco between the beams to give the ceiling a somewhat standard, traditional look. However, for something even more rustic or that looks more grand, have wood slats added between the beams. You can then stain or paint these the same colour as the trusses so that they blend in seamlessly. This can enhance the look of the wood and give your home a cottage-like feeling, while also adding lots of visual interest to the ceiling.

Add skylights

If you're afraid of the wood of timber trusses overpowering the home and making it seem crowded or dark, add skylights between the beams. These can allow more light into the space below, and they also add some brightness to the wood itself. Working skylights, meaning those that you can actually open with a crank or remote control, can bring in more fresh air while allowing humidity to escape from the space. Not only does this make your home more comfortable, but it also protects the timber trusses from potential damage due to humidity and moisture build-up.

Use oversized fasteners

The beams that make up the triangular shape of the timber trusses will need to be fastened together; some fasteners can be painted or hidden so that they're virtually invisible, but for added style, consider using oversized, decorative metal fasteners. The look of steel or another metal plate and large metal rivets attached to the beams can break up the look of the wood. They can also help to reflect light, keeping the space from seeming too dark. The metal can also make the space seem a bit more modern and less rustic. Work with your contractor to choose the best fasteners that will be functional but also add visual interest to the beams.