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The Surprising Places Asbestos Might be Hiding

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While asbestos is no longer used in building, due to its widely-publicised health risks, it can be found in homes constructed up until the 1980s. If you think your home might contain asbestos, there are certain places you can check to see if it's likely, and as long as it isn't disturbed, you're not in danger. However, you should arrange for it to be safely removed as soon as you can.

It's not always obvious where asbestos might be found, so you should be aware of the less well-known things it was previously used for. Make sure you include these if you carry out spot-checks for possible asbestos. Then contact an asbestos removal service if you find any.


Asbestos was once widely used in ceilings, so make sure you seek professional guidance if your home was built during the time it was used, and don't commence any redecoration of your ceiling before they've been checked. In particular, textured and tiled effects on ceilings were often achieved through the use of asbestos, so take extra care if this sounds like yours.


This probably won't apply to most people, who have no doubt replaced appliances in the home at least fairly recently, but if you have any vintage, antique electricals or other appliances, watch out for asbestos. The substance was sometimes used as a heating element, so things like hairdryers may contain it. Don't use any particularly old devices until they've been assessed — or just keep them as non-functional collectibles.

Toilet seats

Toilet seats made during a particular period were often made from asbestos-containing materials because of the extra strength it provides. While it's not an issue with modern toilets, some older houses may still have the original toilet seat. Even if that's been replaced, watch out for the cistern — this could be made from similar materials.

Pipe insulation

Pipes are often forgotten since they just stay in place doing their job, and most people rarely look at them closely unless there's a leak or some other problem. But the insulation that was once used contained asbestos, so don't remove or damage it if you've had yours in place for some time.

Fire blankets

Any fire safety equipment should be replaced regularly anyway, but there are still fire blankets around which contain asbestos, because of its fireproof qualities. Other vintage blankets may be in the hands of collectors. If you have one and you're getting rid of it, never put it in the regular waste. You should make sure it's responsibly disposed of, just in case.