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The Importance of Grade Control Drilling

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Grade control drilling plays several important roles during the process of setting up a mining project because the entire mining operation is likely to be premised upon the findings of this crucial activity. This article discusses some of the benefits you can reap when you engage a highly competent grade control drilling contractor in profiling the deposits in your area of interest:

Identification of Rich Zones

Grade control drilling helps you to know how the mineral deposits are distributed within your area of interest. This is because the results of grade control drilling can show where the largest concentration of high-quality deposits are located. This information will, therefore, enable you to concentrate most of your resources on those areas of high value so that you can increase your return on investment.

Selection of Mining Approaches

Grade control drilling also helps you to select the most appropriate mining techniques for a given block on your property. For instance, you can deploy your most sensitive mining equipment to extract the high-quality ores located deep within the ground, instead of using that expensive equipment to extract low-quality ores that are closer to the surface of the ground. Thus, you can vary the techniques that you use based on grade control mining results.

Environmental Protection Planning

Grade control mining also helps you to determine what approaches you should use to deal with the volume of waste that will be generated by the mining operations. For example, you can institute measures to protect groundwater in case grade control mining reveals that mining work will be conducted to a depth that will affect the water table in a given area.

Project Timeline Planning

Another key benefit of grade control drilling is that it helps you to generate possible timelines of how long your mining project will last. This projection is possible because the quality and quantity of the deposits identified guides you on how much time is likely to be required to extract the ores using the different methods that are best suited for the different categories of mineral deposits in the area.

Several techniques can be used during grade control drilling. It is, therefore, prudent for you to find an experienced grade control drilling contractor so that he or she can assess your needs. That professional will then select the most applicable grade control drilling method that will yield the desired outcomes in a cost-effective manner.

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