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What You Should Do If You Experience a Plumbing Emergency

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Do you consider yourself to be one of those householders who is prepared for anything? Have you anticipated emergency situations and figured out how you're going to act in your mind, while maintaining a list of contractors, to whom you are going to place a call for help? Many people pride themselves on this level of readiness, but when something does actually go wrong, it can be a whole new matter altogether. If you have experienced a plumbing emergency, but it's the middle of the night and the plumber is some way away, what can you do?

Hos Serious Is It?

A burst water pipe can be a very traumatic experience, or it could be a disaster waiting to happen. While the very thought of it conjures up a picture of flooded rooms, this is not necessarily the outcome every time. Sometimes, more subtle signs can indicate what is happening.

Signs of a Problem

For example, if you settled in to watch your favourite soap opera on the television and noticed out of the corner of your eye a damp patch on the ceiling, this could be an indication of a burst pipe. If this develops into a bulge, then water is beginning to pool and will probably break through the ceiling fairly soon.

Alternatively, you might hear a sound that reminds you of an outdoor sprinkler. However, the noise is coming from behind a wall. This indicates that you have a significant burst pipe, out of sight.

You may also find an odd pool of water on the floor and wonder where that came from. If you come across it in the bathroom or kitchen specifically, it could mean that an underfloor pipe is leaking badly or has burst.

Safety First

While you wait for the plumber to get to you, you can take action. Above all else, however, be safe. For example, that bulge in the the ceiling above you could cave in at any moment, when the water builds up to a certain extent.

If any leaking water is near to an electrical outlet or any appliance, the first thing to do is to switch off the electricity at the mains. However, if the water is actually adjacent to the main switch itself, you need to call out an emergency electrician as well.

The Temporary Fix

Find the main water stopcock under the kitchen sink and turn off the supply. Turn on all the cold taps to drain the pipes and flush all the toilets. This ought to prevent any more water from leaking. Just remember to switch off any water heaters you may have, before draining the hot water taps as well.

Here Comes the Cavalry

Once you've done all this, stand back and wait for the professionals, like those from P1 Plumbing & Electrical, to arrive, so they can fix the problem for you.