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Laminate Flooring Ideas for the Home

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As homeowners continue to seek creative ideas for their home, laminated flooring has slowly become a top choice. They are durable, flexible and cost-effective materials for designing floors in various parts of your home. Laminate floors can be easily installed in the living room, bathroom, kitchen and other areas. When accompanied with the right accessories, they can turn your home into an authentic, elegant space.

The structure of laminate floors consists of pressed wood that lays on top of foam. This foam underlayment makes laminate softer and more comfortable to walk on. As a result, there are many different ways you can benefit from installing laminate floors in your home.

Laminate floors in the living room

Redesigning your living room with laminate floors can add flavor to your home décor. Take advantage of the multiple color options available to match your furniture with your floors. In fact, you can even design an imprint of your furniture theme into your laminate floors.

How is this possible? The top layer of laminate floors consists of an image design layer, where the manufacturer can imprint many different designs into the floor. Manufacturers have the ability of incorporating high-resolution images into this layer in order to make the floor attractive.

Laminate floors in the bathroom

Laminate is a popular bathroom material due to its soft and flexible nature. Use laminate floors in your bathroom to provide a clean, polished look. White tile walls can blend perfectly with earth tones (such as light and dark brown) on your laminate floors.

You can also choose to match your bathroom countertops with your floors. With laminate floors in the bathroom, you don't have to worry about staining and the growth of mold. They are, thus, much easier to maintain.

Laminate kitchen floors

Give your kitchen the facelift it requires by adding laminate floors with exotic grains and textured details. The kitchen is one of the rooms in the home where you should make a statement. Don't be afraid to go bold with laminate floor designs.

Make sure the material blends with cabinets, walls and countertops. Laminate with rich colorations that resemble hardwood can also provide a clean, authentic look.

Laminate floors in the game room

Need a relaxing theme for the game room or the man cave? Laminated floors are an excellent choice. They can be designed to resemble stone, bamboo, and other types of hardwood.

A good idea is to go with black-brown tones for the game room, as they provide a relaxing backdrop to the furniture and equipment within the room.