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The Different Stages of Constructing a Pump Station

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Pump stations are facilities which house pumps which are used to transport water or sewage from one location to another via a network of pipes. If you are planning to have a pump station built on your property, you may be wondering about the different phases of construction undertaken during the project. Below is a guide to the various steps a construction crew will take during a new pump station construction.

Access roads

Pump stations are often built in remote or hard to reach places. The first thing a construction crew will do is assess the level of access which is currently available. If the roads leading to the site are not large enough to support the transport of the equipment needed to construct the pump station, the construction crew will build new access roads.


The next phase is the excavation of the site. The construction crew will use heavy equipment to dig the foundation of the pump station. If the pump station will be drawing water from the ground, they will bore down under the earth into the water table. 


Once the foundations are in place, the construction contractors will build the shell of the pump building using concrete and brick. An electrical contractor will then install the wiring and fuse box before connecting the building to the power supply. If there isn't access to the public power supply, you may need to consider installing a solar panel or wind turbine which will provide the electrical power needed to operate the pump.

Once this is completed, and the flooring and roofing are in place, the pump itself and the valves which control the flow of water or sewage will be installed along with the relevant control panels. Finally, any cosmetic work to make the building look nice will be completed such as landscaping the surrounding area and planting trees to hide the pump house.

Pipe laying

Trenches will then be dug so that sections of pipe can be laid in the ground and connected together. When this task is completed, the pipe will connect the pump with the public utility system and your property.

If you would like further advice about constructing a pump station on your property, you should contact a construction and contractor company. The staff will be happy to look over your plans and to discuss how they can help you to achieve your goal.