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How Land Surveying Helps in Settling Property Line Disputes

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Property line disputes are a common occurrence. This is mainly because few homeowners give thought to the actual location of their property line until when it is late. Problems arise when a land survey is requested by a financing company like a bank. It is a common assumption by many homeowners that the existing tree line or fence is the real property boundary. Sometimes, they also rely on what the neighbors or previous owners say about the borderline. 

Why Property Line Conflicts Arise

One of the common causes of property line disputes is a change in home ownership. The new homeowner may wish to install a new fence, landscaping, or driveway that will encroach on the neighboring lots, leading to conflicts with the neighbors.

Disputes also arise when homeowners want to get building permits to upgrade the property. Putting up an additional room, a garage or pool are upgrade activities that require permits. However, most municipalities will only issue building permits where current land survey has been carried out for the property in question.

When disputes arise, the most appropriate thing to do is to hire the services of land surveyors.

Resolving Property Line Disputes through Land Survey Service

A surveyor operates as an independent professional. They are licensed to research property deeds and descriptions. After conducting physical lot line valuations, it is their task to mark the land boundaries with long-lasting corner marks per the local laws. They also must observe the state and national laws concerning land surveying.

The only legally acceptable way to determine where your actual property line passes through is to hire a surveyor. If the property line conflict escalates to a court case, the court will order that a surveyor is hired.  

It is crucial for homeowners to know the boundaries of the properties. Lack of this knowledge can create loopholes for loss of part of the property, which is a family's most significant single investment.  Professional and licensed land surveying companies play a great role in setting the record straight in matters of establishing the legally determined property lines. Their input goes a long way in preventing irreversible damage and costly legal disputes that scar neighborhood relationships.


Property line disputes are a common occurrence. They mainly occur where there is a change of ownership, and especially if there are no permanent markers on the lot that shows where the property starts and ends.

Conflicts can also arise when owners apply for permits to upgrade their premises. Whatever the source of dispute, it is wise to hire the services of a land surveyor to establish the legal boundary. You can avoid court battles and avoid scathing your relationship with neighbors by using professional surveying service.