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Getting the Best Commercial Lawn Mowing Services and Landscaping Contracts for Your School Garden

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Much of a school's reputation depends on how it looks. This also goes for the school garden that the public sees while driving or walking by it. To mow a lawn properly, you need to do it often, and you need to do it good enough to make the lawn look as green and lush as possible. A lawn gets greener and thicker when it's mowed regularly, which improves the overall look of your school. To make sure your lawn is handled as professionally as possible, it might be a good idea for you to contract a commercial lawn mower. Before you do so, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

What machines they use

Ask the company about what height their mowers are set on. The grass should only be cut 1/3 of its length every time to benefit properly from cutting. Any serious commercial lawn moving firm should know this and have their machines set at the proper height. You should also ask them about their environmental policies regarding their machines; some firms use landscape supplies like lawnmowers that run by solar power, in order to decrease their environmental impact.

Cutting when it's raining

Make sure you know about their policies regarding cutting your grass while it's raining. Cutting grass while it's raining or directly after it has been raining can put a lot of stress on the lawn. Elasticity in the grass is increasing when it's wet, so the straws are being torn rather than cut when mowing while it's wet; this can make the lawn look quite rugged. Often these companies have such a busy schedule that they can't afford to not perform lawn work when it's raining, but some companies do. They can implement overtime for the workers or work out a reduced fee for your school if you have to wait until it's dry for the cutting to be done.

Additional services

To make sure you get the best possible care for your lawn, you should also ask them about any additional services they perform. If they cut the edges around the car park to your school, for example, this could be a benefit that will save you a lot of time and hassle. If you want all-around care for your school's garden, you could even go the extra mile and get a firm that takes care of the bushes and the trees in the garden as well. You should ask them if you get a discount from hiring them to do all of your lawn work and not just mowing, which could become a lot cheaper than hiring two different contractors for the different plants and areas in the garden.