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4 Reasons Why Your Roller Shutters May Be Noisy And A Look At Possible Fixes

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Roller shutters are great for security and privacy as well as improving insulation. One of the problems associated with roller shutters, however, is the noise that they sometimes produce, because the sound can be quite distracting. 

Highlighted below are some of the possible reasons why your roller shutters are noisy and what can be done about it.

1. Natural Aging

If you have had your roller shutters a long time, they will go through the natural process of wear and tear, and especially if you have not been very keen when it comes to regular and proper maintenance. Roller shutters are built to last a long time, and with proper maintenance, you can look forward to enjoying the use of your roller shutters for a long time. Neglect, on the other hand, will only cause even the smallest of problems to become worse.

2. Insufficient Lubrication

When the moving parts of your shutter's assembly such as the wheels and gears are not well-lubricated, the shutters tend to become noisy during operation.

Using a lubricant recommended by the manufacturer will help take care of the noise, in addition to ensuring that the roller shutters operate smoothly and even more efficiently. Avoid using thick and heavy lubricants for your shutters as these may not work as well and will attract dust and other debris which will interfere with the smooth running of the moving parts.

3. Loose and Damaged Parts

A loose bolt and a loose screw can cause your shutters to get noise when under operation. For whole parts that are loose and not quite in their right place, the sound is even worse.

To remedy this, tighten all loose parts and re-position any parts of the assembly that may be displaced. If there is a damaged part, ensure that it is repaired or replaced as need be. With everything tightly in place as should be and in good condition, you can expect a significant reduction in the level of noise produced by the roller shutters.

4. Corrosion

Aluminium and steel are the two most commonly used materials in the manufacture of roller shutters. These metals, when exposed to the elements, may suffer corrosion. The shutters will then start to squeak. The same goes for corroded motor gears and other motor parts.

Rust-removing cleaners can work to remove the corrosion, but in extreme cases where the corrosion is far advanced and has eaten into the parts, replacement may be the only practical solution.