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Custom Home Designs to Inspire the Architectural Drafting of Your Home Build

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Making the step towards constructing your dream home is an exciting venture. Not only are you saying goodbye to rental payments but you are also taking a hands-on approach to ensure that your house will have all the bells and whistles that you want for the rest of your life. And one of the first steps to bringing your vision to life is architectural drafting. Architectural drafting refers to the process of coming up with a custom home design to suit the style of house that you want. If you have never consulted with an architect before, then the process of intertwining the elements you want for your new custom build with the current and future needs you may have for the house may be daunting. Read on for some of the custom designs that can inspire the architectural drafting of your home build.

Craftsman Home Design

Homeowners who have a natural affinity for timber elements may find that craftsman home design will be the perfect architectural choice for their home. This type of home design is characterised by large porches and low handing roofs that add a country-like charm to the residence. Wood is the primary construction supply used in this type of architectural design so you can have timber flooring, pillars and other forms of woodwork that will accent all the elements included in the design of the house.

Industrialist Home Design

If contemporary attributes are what you prefer for your home, then the architectural drafting should lean toward an industrialist design. Modern home styles are renowned for their open floor plans that make the interiors appear more spacious than they really are. Another feature of the industrial home design is clean lines and unobtrusive features. Thus, your architectural drafting will focus on supplies such as glass, natural stone and other materials that are appealing yet retain a low profile. When it comes to the style of the roof, choose either a flat roof or one with a low hipped roof that maintains the clean lines of this type of home design.

Neoclassical Home Design

Originating from Italy, the neoclassical home design has become popular among people that want the Vitruvian features of old Rome interpreted into modern style. One of the apparent features of the neoclassical home design is the use of pillars both at the exterior and interior of the home. These pillars provide additional support to the structure, which means you can design large open spaces that have a sense of grandness. Moreover, neoclassical home design is characterised by symmetry, which complements the modern home design.