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How a Sand Filtered Septic Tank Helps You Irrigate Your Garden

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If you're an avid gardener, then you nurture your garden and get a lot of pleasure from growing things in it. However, there are times when you can't care for your lawn and plants as well as you want to.

If you regularly have summer droughts where you live, then watering your garden to keep it blooming is impossible. Local water usage rules may prevent you from watering your lawn or using sprinkler systems.

Installing a septic tank with a sand filter system may be the answer to all your problems. How will this help keep your lawn and plants watered all year round?

How Sand Filter Septic Tanks Work

Septic tanks with sand filters do the same basic job as any septic tank. They take wastewater in and treat it to get rid of harmful bacteria and substances. This enables the water to be released into the environment safely through absorption trenches.

However, a sand filter adds an extra element to the cleaning process. When water comes into the tank, its bacteria break down waste to start making it safe. This is the way all septic tanks work.

The water then runs through a filter area that contains sand and small rocks. This filter system gives the water an extra clean that it won't get in a conventional tank. The sand traps and absorbs any remaining debris or bad bacteria and takes it out of the water which is then collected away from the filter.

How Sand Filter Septic Tanks Affect Irrigation

Generally, you can't use water to irrigate your garden if it has come through a regular septic tank. The water has been cleaned up, but it may still contain harmful substances that could pollute your garden and its plants.

This water tends to be directed to special underground absorption areas where it will disperse naturally without causing any harm. If you want to use this water for irrigation, you have to find a way to treat it to make it safe.

If your septic tank has a sand filter, then it takes water cleaning to the next level automatically. The sand basically makes the water cleaner and safer. While you wouldn't want to drink this water, it is safe to use on your lawn, trees and plants.

To find out more about how a septic tank with a sand filter can keep your garden looking lush and lovely all year round, talk to local septic tank suppliers.