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Two tips for those who will be renovating a property

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If you'll be renovating a property soon, here are a couple of tips that you should bear in mind.

Make sure that any dust-generating tasks are completed before the painter arrives

Lots of renovation tasks produce dust; things like sanding down cabinets, sawing pieces of wood and drilling into plastered walls can all lead to dust particles floating around the rooms in which these activities are carried out. When this happens, it may take a few days for the renovation team to remove the dust, as they will have to wait for the airborne particles to settle onto surfaces in these rooms before they can use a hoover and some damp cloths to get rid of it.

As such, it is important to ensure that any of the renovation tasks that you plan to do, which are likely to produce a lot of dust, are done at least a week before the painter is supposed to paint the interior of the property. If there is still a lot of airborne dust in the property whilst the painter is working and the paint they have applied is still wet, these dust particles could land on and stick to this damp paint. This could give the paint an undesirable textured appearance, which you won't be able to rectify without wiping off the wet paint with paint-stripping chemicals. If this happens, you may have to get the painter to strip the paint off the affected surfaces and then reapply some fresh coats to these areas.

Rent equipment to handle the renovation-related cleaning and waste disposal work

It is impossible to perform any type of significant property renovations without making a mess and generating a lot of waste. As such, it's important to ensure that you have the things that you need to clean the property throughout the project and that you have somewhere to put all of the rubbish that the renovations generate.

Specifically, you should consider renting an industrial hoover and a skip bin. The former is far more powerful than a typical domestic hoover and has a much larger storage capacity, too; it will not only be very effective at picking up the plaster, timber and cement dust around the property but will also be large enough that you won't have to empty it out very often. The skip bin will help to prevent hazardous and space-consuming rubbish from accumulating inside the building and will also ensure that you don't have to disrupt the renovation activities by lugging bags of renovation waste to the landfill on a daily or weekly basis throughout the project.