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How A Pool Expert Can Help You Pick Out The Best Suited Pump For Your Pool

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Owning a pool is an aspirational dream for many Australians, and once you finally get one installed, it can feel like you are on top of the world. However, once you start to realise just how technical and complicated running a pool is, you will quickly come back down to earth. You can reach these heights again, however, as it is simply a learning curve that you have to overcome before you feel comfortable in your knowledge of how the pool works. To start off with, there is no more important part of keeping your pool fresh and clean than your pool pumps.

What Is A Pool Pump?

The pool pump is the engine room of the pool, driving most other systems involved in the filtration and circulation of the pool. It is made up of two important systems (the impeller and the motor) and one filtration device used to catch hair, lint and other small items from jamming the moving components. The motor's main job is to power the impeller which is a unique device that drags water in through the hair and lint trap and then pushes it through the main filter system before it is released back into the pool. 

How Do I Get The Right Pool Pump?

Understandably there is no easy way to know which pool pump to get when you are just getting started as a pool owner. That is why visiting your local specialty store and talking to a pool expert is so vital. Just like you go to a mechanic for your car or an architect to design your house you need to visit a pool expert to get a correctly working pool pump that is adequate for your sized pool. They will know which brands work best in what environment and how many pool pumps you need, and they will give you advice on how to properly maintain your pool pump. Pool pumps can break down quite easily, but this is generally due to a problem you can fix at home in minutes, and a pool expert will help walk you through that process too.

Maintaining Your Pool

The advice your pool expert will have given you should help you pick your pool pump but your journey doesn't end there. Being a pool owner means being proactive, which means taking care of all of your pools filters, pumps, lights, chemical levels and cleanliness. A pool pump is a very important component in the whole system, but it is not the only one. Every 2 weeks, you should dedicate at least an hour or so to checking that everything is in working order, that the pool has no branches or leaves floating in it and that it is at the correct pH level. This fortnightly check-up will save you a lot of work in the future by preventing breakdowns that can occur if you do not spend time maintaining your pool.