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3 Solid Reasons Why a Marine Project Consultant Is Critical in Marina Construction

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Marinas serve critical functions such as offering supplies, repairs and other facilities that boat owners use in their expeditions. Notably, marinas are considered by many as destination points for providing secure moorings for pleasure boats. Therefore, it is right to conclude that marinas are not just functional because they have evolved into resort-type destinations that provide essential services to cruising customers.

Consequently, one might ask what makes an excellent marina, and the simple answer is the quality of construction. That is why hiring a qualified marine project consultant is critical to a well-performing marina. This article highlights the reasons why a marine-based establishment needs the services of a maritime project consultant.

1. Marinas Are Expensive -- Marina construction is a costly undertaking, especially if you consider that cruising customers with superyachts think about the marina as a destination rather than a dock. In addition to meeting the functional needs of seafarers, it is incredibly critical that a marina caters to both large and small boats; hence, deep dredging is necessary. Notably, dredging adds to the initial investment of marina construction, so there is very little room for errors. A marina project consultant oversees and ensures that there are no mistakes made during the construction process, which can jeopardise a marina's return on investment.

3. Marinas Must Be Safe -- When cruising customers dock onto marinas, the first thing that crosses the mind is whether their vessel is safe. It is for this reason that most seafarers research and ask about the safety standards on a particular marina before considering it as a destination. If you consider the number of waves hitting shorelines in any given day as well as the force the water harbours, then you can begin to understand why marina safety is a concern for most. Equipped with the latest technologies in marine project construction, consultants can analyse potential risk points on a worksite and provide mitigation ideas. For example, if an area receives intermittently powerful waves, then a marine project consultant will recommend the most appropriate wave dampening foundation for the marina. 

3. Marinas Are Complicated -- Unlike standard docks where customers dock their boats and do nothing much, marinas are the exact opposite. Marinas have to balance convenience, functionality and aesthetics because all these are essentials to the modern-day cruising customer. For instance, high-end marinas today incorporate fine dining, socialising spots, shopping stores and even yacht detailing services. Keep in mind that all these offerings have to be within the confines of a small area. Therefore, constructing a marina that is a one-stop-shop is a complicated project that only a marine consultant can coordinate and manage. 

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