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Three Essential Tips for Cleaning Your Office after Renovations

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Renovating the office can improve the appeal of the space, boost the business reputation and increase the comfort of the employees. Unfortunately, when the improvement work is completed, you will need to manage the mess. In simple terms, proper clean-up must be conducted to enhance the aesthetics of the renovation and restore the work environment. Where possible, it is advisable to engage a professional cleaning firm to handle the aftermath of the remodel. However, if you have a small office, you or your in-house cleaners can handle the work. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind for effective office cleaning.

Manage the Garbage

You should have a plan for removing the remaining construction waste from your commercial space. Proper rubbish management is crucial for ensuring that the office is safe for work. Ideally, you should hire a skip bin for containing materials. You can choose a general-purpose bin or a construction waste container, depending on the nature of the rubbish on the site. If there is little waste left by your contractors, you can use your regular waste collection service. However, you might need to make inquiries first to avoid penalties.

Dust and Wipe

It is important to dust the surfaces in your office space to eliminate dust, debris and other particles. You should begin by opening your windows where possible for good airflow. Then, you should dust all the areas which could have layers or specks of dust. This process should include the ceiling, walls, floors, windows and furniture in the room. You should also wipe down all the accessible places using a soft, damp cloth. This will trap the residue dirt on the surfaces.

Vacuum the Surfaces

If you have upholstery or other similar elements in your office, you must plan on vacuuming after the renovation. It is crucial to note that carpets and upholstered furniture tend to trap a lot of dirt. If they are not cleaned, they will affect the indoor air quality in your office space. Under ideal circumstances, cushioned furniture should have been wrapped with plastic, and window coverings should have been taken down for the renovation. Moreover, the carpeting should have been stripped. However, this is not always possible. If you did not protect these features, you should acquire an industrial high-efficiency vacuum with appropriate attachments for thorough cleaning.

Finally, it is advisable to plan on polishing the exposed hard surfaces in your office, including hardwood floors, wooden furniture and stone counters to provide protection and enhance lustre. If you think that this is more than you'd like to handle on your own, call office cleaning professionals.