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Are you in need of a traffic control plan?

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No matter how well a road surface is laid, it will eventually need repair. Sometimes, you will need to go further and not just resurface the road but also redesign a road junction to accommodate a new road or a road-widening project. If you are working on a public road, in addition to the work that you are carrying out, you must consider what will happen to the traffic that normally uses the road. In some cases, you may be able to entirely close the road while work continues. At other times, you will need to redirect traffic around a partial closure. Whatever way you want to direct traffic, you must have a detailed traffic control plan in place.

Why bother with a traffic control plan?

You might think that vehicles will be able to navigate their way around any disruption, but that approach could quickly lead to disaster with vehicles driving towards each other and getting into each other's way. Without an established traffic control plan, you will be left with traffic chaos and potentially one accident after another. When you draw up a traffic control plan, you must set out how every road user and construction work will move around the site throughout each stage of work. You may need to have separate elements of the plan for each type of road user, whether someone is driving a car, riding a bicycle, walking on the pavement or taking part in the repair works. By setting out the exact sequence that each of these movements will follow, you can ensure the smooth movement of traffic and help to keep everyone safe while your roadworks are ongoing.

Fulfilling your traffic control plan

Creating a traffic control plan may be something that you can do yourself, but implementing your plan can sometimes be a challenge. It often makes sense to work with a company with experience in traffic control services. They will know not just what your traffic control plan should look like but also how it can be effectively implemented on your site. After your chosen traffic control company has helped to create your traffic control plan, it will check that it is completely regulation-compliant and economical. When everyone is satisfied, the contractors at the traffic control company will ensure that they have the appropriate equipment and staff available to implement your traffic control plan for the full duration of the works.