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New Home Designs for Minimalist Living

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Living a minimalist lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular for many people. This lifestyle is about more than just reducing the number of items that you own. The lifestyle can mean several different things, including a minimalist appearance, minimal items, or both. If you are considering this type of lifestyle, here are some new home designs that may be ideal.

Open Layouts

One of the key features to new home designs for minimalists is in the layout. Layouts should be open, with very few lines of separation for rooms. If you are looking for a single-story home, one option is to have a main entry and family room with the other rooms spaced around the natural flow of the room shape rather than down a hallway. With the right light, high ceilings, and unobtrusive furniture, you can give the idea of a much larger home and living space than is actually there. These open layouts also feature kitchen areas that are only separated by a small bar or flooring change. This makes for an open, minimal, and inviting space. 

Hidden Storage

Items can quickly clutter up a space. The problem is that storage pieces can also clutter up an area. Instead of seeing a clean and simple open space, your guests' eyes will be drawn to the storage pieces and the items in or on those pieces. Instead, you can opt for a design that has hidden storage. New house builders can fit most rooms to have hidden wall units that slide open to reveal storage space. You can also utilize space under stairs or even within the stairs as storage pieces. You will have a place for the items you do want to keep as part of your lifestyle. You will also have the minimalist look and feel to give the impression you have fewer possessions than you do. 

Natural Wood and Stone

Natural wood and stone are key to new home designs that have a minimalist lifestyle in mind. The natural wood and stone give a feeling to many people of calm, uncluttered living. If you combine the natural woods and stone together with either earth hues or whites and greys, you can give an impression of peace and tranquility. Items that are made of plastics and similarly mass produced materials can divert the eyes and detract from the serene, open, minimal space. 

These are just a few of the new home designs for minimalist living to consider. If any of these ideas appeal to you, contact your local new home builders. They can schedule a consultation and begin discussing designs and plans for your new home design. They can also take your lifestyle into consideration to enhance the designs you may already like.