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Three Qualities Of The Best Fencing Timber You Should Be Looking For

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Fencing timber is vital across large swathes of the country as not only a way to mark property boundaries, but also to hem in livestock, keep out dingos and pests and provide a navigational tool for farmers. Many of these fences, and indeed fences near more urban areas as well, are made from timber because it is easily accessible, simple to cut into the right shape and relatively cheap compared to metal. But there are differences between average quality timber and top-quality fencing timber. Here are a few features you should look for in your timber to ensure it is the best quality fencing timber for your needs.

High Level Of Treatment

Wood is a natural substance, so it is very susceptible to ageing through exposure to the elements. Without treatment, it can rot, grow mould, become a nest for animals and even simply just lose its structural integrity and fall over. Top-quality fencing timber must be treated even more strongly than regular decking or outdoor timber because it has to hold up quite a bit of weight with no loss of strength for many years. Always look for the most treated piece of timber you can find when fencing, to ensure your fence is the quality that you want. 

Hardwoods Only

There are two major categories of wood: hardwood and softwood. Hardwood options are what you want to be looking for whenever you are completing a structural task that actually requires any sort of durability or strength. While softwoods like pine or cedar can look nice and can be shaped easily enough, they simply will not survive as long as other hardwoods. While you may balk at the higher price of hardwoods, you will save money in the future by not having to continuously repair it like you would if you chose softwoods.

Made In Australia

It can be tempting to try and save a few dollars by ordering supplies from cheaper companies overseas but you never want to risk this as a long-term strategy for supplying your fencing timber. Timber in Australia is subject to strict rules about its treatment process and the quality of the timber. If anything goes wrong, you can ask for a replacement or a refund. Australian companies stand by their products and are a lot easier to talk to than overseas options who can simply refuse to process any complaints, leaving you with no future course of action.