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Are you concerned about vibration coming from your site?

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Considerate constructors care about their neighbours. If you are managing a construction project, you will be required to ensure that you keep those in neighbouring properties happy at every stage of the construction process. You must try to limit deliveries to times when they won't block the road and cause long tailbacks for people trying to get to or from work. You should also be concerned about noise levels on your site and find ways to work that won't interfere too much with anyone living or working nearby. Caring about how your project affects the neighbours' matters. You could face financial penalties if you breach the terms of the building licence you received. However, there is another problem that your building work might cause that is rarely appreciated as it should be. How much thought have you given to hiring a construction project vibration monitoring company?

Is there vibration from your site?

Everyone understands the devastating effect that noise can have on those around a site, but some people don't think about vibration at all. Vibration can come from equipment used on your site or from work carried out, such as hammering piles into the ground. While you may be used to some vibration, the effect can cause serious inconvenience or damage to neighbouring properties. The best way to ensure that there is no excessive vibration on your site is to hire a company specialising in construction project vibration monitoring.

What damage can vibration do?

You may not be aware of it but intense vibration can cause structural damage to nearby properties. Construction project vibration monitoring can ensure that the vibration level on the site never reaches the point where it could affect neighbouring properties. What constitutes an acceptable level of vibration will depend on how close the neighbours are. It could also be influenced by what the neighbours do. If you happen to be working close to a location that houses sensitive equipment, such as an operating theatre, you may have to significantly reduce your vibration levels.

How is construction project vibration monitoring conducted?

A vibration monitoring company may need to visit your site to determine the best way of monitoring vibration across the site. They could install static monitoring equipment if the work is likely to be ongoing for an extended period. If only a short period of construction project vibration monitoring is needed, a portable monitoring solution could be a more efficient way to gather the required data. Talking to your supplier is the best way to find out what options are available to you. They could provide further information regarding construction project vibration monitoring.