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Considerations When Hiring A Shopfitter

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A shopfitter helps you redesign your retail space to suit your business needs. For instance, it could be that you need to make the area spacious or install new displays. Regardless of your needs, you need to ensure the shopfitter is the best fit for the project. Read on for some shopfitter hiring insights. 

Industry Specialisation 

Check the shopfitter's website or ask them for their portfolio to determine their previous engagements and specialisation. There are several reasons to hire a specialised shopfitter. Remember, each industry has its specific needs. For example, a clothing store has different needs from a restaurant. An experienced shopfitter knows what can or cannot work. For instance, they can advise you against specific lighting schemes since they send a negative message to your clients.

Comprehensive Services

The rule is to hire a shopfitter that offers a comprehensive package. For instance, you could run into problems if you hired one shopfitter to design the fit-out and another to install the various fixtures. The contractors could miscommunicate since they will not always be available at the site. In the long run, you end up with a poorly designed or fitted shop. If your shopfitter subcontracts some work, vet the subcontractor to ensure that they are a skilled professional. 


A reputable shopfitter should always guarantee their work. Remember, shopfitting involves the installation of different fixtures such as lights, displays, counters and lounges. Once you approve the proposed design, the shopfitter should give insights into the quality of fixtures they will use. For example, you will find different chandeliers on sale, each with a different price point. Your shopfitter should explain the difference in the quality of the various chandeliers to ensure you understand the durability of your preferred fixtures. 

Customer Relations Skills

Shopfitting involves intensive consultations between the customer and the shopfitter. For this reason, you should ensure your preferred shopfitter has excellent customer relations skills. You may want to avoid individuals who get irritated when you ask for changes or those who presume that the customer does not have a right to give suggestions. Moreover, the shopfitter should ensure the project is customised to meet your needs. For example, if you need to resume operations within a short period, the professional should agree to hire a larger crew and work during weekends and at night. 

When hiring a shopfitter, assess their industry specialisation, range of services, guarantees and customer relation skills. Finally, compare quotes from several shopfitters to ensure you get the value you expect from your money.