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4 Little Talked About Reasons To Carry Out A Land Survey

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Investing in land and the construction industry is an excellent idea. However, you also need a lot of money to invest in the sector. Any capital-intensive venture comes with its set of rules and regulations. In property, you should follow the rules and ensure you're doing the right and legal thing to avoid liabilities and losses. Land surveyors exist to help you follow these rules. Here are the little talked about reasons people carry out a land survey.  

To Locate The Utilities On The Land

Almost every lot of land has a set of utilities connected to it. These include water, electricity, gas and sometimes fibre optic cables. The sewer system and minerals are also part of the utilities. You can never tell what exists on a lot by simply looking at the site. You need a surveyor to access the land records and identify the existence of the utilities and their exact positioning. This information helps you determine whether the land is a good investment. In construction, knowing the location of the utility lines minimises the chances of destroying them during phases like excavation before construction. 

To Understand Zoning Classification Of An Area

Most people do not know that you are not allowed to do as you please with the land simply because you own its title deed. Zoning laws determine allowed land uses depending on its size, location and other factors. For example, you cannot construct a residential building in an area designated for industrial and commercial development. The only way to tell whether the project you want to undertake is allowed by the law is by getting a surveyor involved. They will help you choose the ideal location for the project in mind. 

To Get Title Deed Insurance

Title insurance protects you from unknown ownership risks that could threaten your ability to occupy and develop a piece of land. You get title deed insurance once you have undertaken a survey to establish the property boundaries and all other characteristics. Therefore, you will need the services of a competent surveyor before getting the insurance.

To Locate Easements And Other Issues

Easements give other people the right to use a portion of your property for their needs. Easements might include access roads, transformers and other infrastructure. Get a surveyor to identify them, as they could be a potential source of issues. 

It is best to consult a competent surveyor before starting any land transactions. They understand the process and risks involved. Their reports will help you make decisions that can serve and protect your best interests.