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A General Overview of Land Surveys

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Have you been advised that you need a land survey and wondered what that entails? Here's a general overview to help.

What Is a Land Survey?

A land survey defines the boundaries of a parcel of land. The surveyor will use equipment and software and go to a site to inspect a property. With the groundwork complete, they'll write a report detailing what they've found with expert comments. A report also includes illustrations with measurements and other details.

A land survey is not only about the borders. It captures topographical features such as the slope of the landscape. Sometimes a land surveyor will hire a soil expert to report on the soil's condition.

When Do You Need a Land Survey?

You need a land survey in various situations where property boundaries are paramount. Buying or selling a house is one scenario. You also need a survey when building an extension because local council rules will specify how close to the property edge you can build. Imagine constructing an addition, only to discover it's broken the law and will need to come down.

In these situations, you require 100 percent certainty that the current fenceline is accurate. A land survey is also necessary during a property subdivision. The surveyor can draw up new parcels of land. Thus, a land surveyor can affirm existing boundaries and allot new ones.

Can Anyone Conduct a Land Survey?

Land surveyors are the only people allowed to undertake these cadastral surveys. You can check the register of licenced surveyors in your state for a qualified person. If you have someone in mind, you can check for their name to ensure they're licenced.

It's important that land surveys are regulated because the reports and the boundaries they establish are legally binding. Other professionals, such as engineers and architects, aren't qualified to carry out these surveys unless they happen to have multiple qualifications and are on the relevant certification register.

How Does a Land Survey Assist Construction?

A land survey is crucial if you're having a house or extension built, and not only because everyone can then be sure of the property edge. Architects, engineers and builders rely on the topographical information in the report. If an architect knows the details of a hillside that is to be built upon, they can design a house to take advantage of the environment. The landscape and soil qualities are crucial to engineers and builders, helping them work out what kinds of foundations will work and many other details.

For more information, contact a land surveyor near you