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Tips for Planning a Demolition on Your Property

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You might want to demolish a house for several reasons. It could be on a new property you've bought, and you want to replace it with your dream home. Or else, you might want to renovate your existing place but have discovered the best option is to pull it down and start from scratch. To do the job, you'll need demolition experts, as deconstructing a house is complicated, just as constructing one is. Here are some tips for managing the process.

Hourly Rates

When researching businesses, you should think beyond the simple hourly rate that a demolition company provides. A business may charge a low hourly rate but take longer to finish the job than another company. This may be because they don't have the same range of equipment as a business with a higher hourly rate. With diverse equipment, a company can choose what's best for each demolition to make the process as efficient as possible. So check what machinery a business has before hiring. 

Type of Building

The cost and complexity of the demolition will depend on the size and structure of the thing being demolished. A double-storey home is usually more involved to pull down than a single-storey home. The material is also important, as a brick building is typically more challenging to demolish than a timber weatherboard one. The demolition of a shed or a retaining wall can be a smaller project than a house, depending on its size.

The ease of access will also affect how long the job takes. Say your home is on a steep hill or on a compact block with the neighbour's house close to the fence. Different equipment may be required in that case, and the process may be more painstaking to ensure it's done safely without injuring people or damaging property next door.

Salvage Rights

Giving salvage rights to the demolition company can decrease costs and help the environment. These rights allow the contractors to keep and salvage recyclable materials. These might be bricks, crushed concrete, timber, steel or aluminium, for example. The house might have aluminium window frames and a steel roof that they can sell to a recycling plant to reduce their costs, and they can pass on the savings to you. Repurposing the materials is also better for the environment, as less stuff will be wasted in landfills.


If your home was built before the 1980s, it's important to check whether Home Demolition Services are qualified to deal with asbestos, as there's a chance that this hazardous material may be within the building. The contractors must follow strict protocols to remove the asbestos and decontaminate the site so it's safe. 

For more info about home demolition, contact a local company.