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Considerations When Hiring A Shopfitter

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A shopfitter helps you redesign your retail space to suit your business needs. For instance, it could be that you need to make the area spacious or install new displays. Regardless of your needs, you need to ensure the shopfitter is the best fit for the project. Read on for some shopfitter hiring insights.  Industry Specialisation  Check the shopfitter’s website or ask them for their portfolio to determine their previous engagements and specialisation. Read More»

Ready To Build On Your Property? How To Ensure Final Building Approval

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If you want to make some improvements on your property and the plans include a new building, it’s time to start thinking about the approval process. Whether you want to build a guest house, a workshop or a new patio, you’re going to need to go through the building approval process. Unfortunately, the process can be downright confusing and stressful, especially if you’re not sure what to do. If you’re confused about the building approval process, read the list provided below. Read More»

Could You Make Better Use of Glass?

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Are you considering renovating your home? If your home needs a refresh, there are lots of options you might consider. Do you enjoy the rustic appeal of wooden beams and the solidity they add to a home? Do you like rich, ornate fabric and the charm it can bring to your walls and floor? One material to which you may not have given enough thought is glass. You will be familiar with glass in windows and perhaps doors in your home, but there is much more you could do with glass. Read More»