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What Type of Ute Cover Is Right for You?

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Getting a cover for your ute will help protect your cargo from the elements, from damage, as well as from theft. However, the secret is in investing in the correct type of ute covers, and with many of those in the markets, finding one may not be simple, especially for first-time buyers. One easy way to get the right ute cover is knowing the various types available and when to use them best. Here is a guide to help you with that.

Soft Roll-Up Ute Covers

These covers consist of a vinyl or sometimes canvas covering material over an aluminium frame and secured onto it by belt rails or snaps. To operate the covers, you simply have to detach them from the frame and roll them to any position along the way. This style of operation makes it much easier and faster to access the entire bed of your ute. These covers also allow for the accommodation of larger cargo, including those taller than the rails. All you have to do is roll them all the way back. Generally, soft roll-up covers are the most economical. They are also lightweight, making it easier to operate.

The other crucial advantage of these covers is that they allow for partial open access to the cargo. This comes in handy when you are hauling irregularly-shaped or large items but still need to protect some parts of them.

To maintain the appearance as well as ensure you can easily operate these covers, you need to make regular tension adjustments

Hinged Ute Covers

Hinged ute covers are some of the most popular types of covers you will come across. These covers utilise a set of hinges to open in a similar manner to the boot or bonnet of a car. This mode of operation tends to limit the height of the items you can haul on the ute. Go for these covers if you don't intend to change them any time soon. This is because once installed on the ute, removing them can be quite complex and expensive.

Due to their configuration, hauling of large items can be a challenge. However, hinged ute covers offer exemplary resistance against the elements and a higher level of security to your cargo. These covers come in both soft and hard options.

Retractable Ute Covers

These are usually sought after because of their ease of operation. With the push of a button, these covers will retract easily to give you quick and open access to the entire ute bed. When closed, they offer maximum security and protection from the elements. Similar to roll-up covers, these covers allow you to carry awkwardly-shaped and oversized cargo because you can simply retract them up to the level you need.