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Why You Should Consider Granite for Your Kitchen Benchtops

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Your kitchen benchtops are put through heavy usage throughout their lifetime. As such, it is not a surprise that they are one of the first components of your kitchen that will succumb to disrepair. Leaving them in this state does not only make your kitchen unattractive, but the cracks and crevices can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. If you are looking to replace your kitchen benchtops, you should consider stone. Read on to learn some benefits that granite benchtops have to offer.

Granite is attractive

A primary benefit of granite benchtops is they are made from an attractive material. They blend in well with any kitchen design, making them suitable for all types of homes. In addition to the elegance they add to your kitchen, they can help in boosting the value of your home. Thus, granite benchtops make a worthwhile investment for the long haul.


Granite benchtops are durable. When considering kitchen benchtops, the last thing any homeowner would want is to consider replacing their benchtops after a short period. With granite benchtops, you can rest assured of longevity since they are highly durable. Firstly, the benchtops are scratch resistant, making them ideal for cutting, chopping and other kitchen activities. In addition to this, granite is a heat-resistant material so you would not have to worry about unsightly scorch marks on your benchtops.


Although the kitchen is where food preparation occurs, it can also become a health hazard. This is especially true if rigorous cleaning measures are not practised. Granite benchtops are a hygienic option for your kitchen since they are nonporous. Thus, you do not have to be concerned with bacteria and other germs being harboured in your benchtops. This, however, doesn't mean that you should not clean your benchtops. Ensure that you always disinfect the surfaces, especially if you have been handling raw meat on the benchtops.

Easy to maintain

Nobody wants to spend hours on end keeping their kitchen pristine and spotless. However, some materials, such as tiling that comes with grout marks, will require extensive cleaning to keep the grout marks stain-free. This would not be necessary with stone benchtops. Routinely wiping them down with some disinfectant soap should keep your benchtops clean and stain-free. They would be especially convenient for homeowners who have busy schedules and do not have much time on their hands for arduous cleaning processes associated with other materials.