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Three Different Engineers Involved In The Construction Industry And What They Can Do For You

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Engineering is a very broad term that applies to many different occupations, and thus it is important to understand what it means before you employ someone who is described as an engineer. The most common area where many people are likely to encounter an engineer in their daily lives is in the construction industry, and that is what this article will focus on. While there are a couple of different roles that work in the construction industry under the title of "engineer," they share common features.

What Is A Construction Engineer?

At the very base level, all engineers are people who create solutions to tasks within a set of parameters (sometimes these parameters are cost-based, while other times they are dictated by the environment, etc). When you apply that role to a construction site, it is easy to see what that job might encompass the following: 

  • Co-ordinating all the different workers on the construction site
  • Communicating with the architects about structural concerns and solutions to these concerns
  • Ensuring all steps are followed correctly in the correct order

These are just a few of the tasks a construction engineer can do on your site, but often construction engineers are not the only engineer you will encounter on your project. 

Electrical Engineers

If your project is a little bit bigger, such as creating a new office or warehouse, then you may come into contact with an electrical engineer. Electrical engineers are not the same as electricians, as they are often involved more in the planning phase, not the installation. If your business has a specific requirement for electrical outputs, such as a company with machines that have very particular electrical needs, or if you simply have a large building that needs all of its wiring organised and installed correctly, then you will need the services of an electrical engineer. Most are happy to consult on these sorts of projects.

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers are different from their construction counterparts in that they are involved heavily in solving engineering problems in the planning phase. On large projects that are more susceptible to wind or other environmental factors that don't affect smaller buildings, structural engineering is needed to make sure these problems are addressed before work begins. Basically, structural engineers ensure that all possible problems that could arise from your buildings shape, size, height and location are fixed before they even occur.

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