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3 Steps When Your Garage Door Motor Appears To Stop Working

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If your garage door stops opening or closing, it could be because of the motor. This can be an extremely frustrating experience, especially if you use it for parking your car every day. You can't leave a garage door open because it's not safe for your home, nor can you leave it shut, because you probably need to take your car out. Follow these steps when your garage door motor appears to stop working: 

Check That The Door Is Connected To The Power

Strangely enough, this is one of the most common issues many homeowners face, so your first step should be to check that the garage door is still connected to the power outlet. Sometimes, cables can break or tension springs can come undone, which results in loss of power. Check to see whether something is stopping the power from connecting to the door. In other cases, perhaps the door is off of its track. If the remote works but the wall switch doesn't and vice versa, then you may want to get these issues fixed too.

Check The Motor To See If It Is Still Running

Before you check your motor, make sure it is disconnected from the power source to avoid the risk of electrocution. Is the cord that connects to the motor still in good condition or has it snapped or frayed? Sometimes, the cord connecting to the motor may get damaged, which results in a malfunctioning motor. If you hear the door attempting to move without any actual movement, then it could be a motor issue that needs fixing. If you don't quite know what to look for in the motor, then it may be time to get a professional to take a look.

Hit The Remote To Check For Any Unusual Noises

If either the remote or the wall switch seems to work, then you may want to operate them to check for any unusual noises. If you hear a grinding noise, then it could be because of a broken gearbox. You don't want to cause any more damage to the motor and gear, so if you hear this type of noise, stop there and call an expert to get it fixed. Whatever you do, don't try to use too much physical force to open the door because you could end up causing some bigger issue.

You can prevent all these issues by ensuring your garage door motor and other components are regularly maintained and eventually replaced if necessary.