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Places To Install Tubular Metal Fencing Around Your Home

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For elegance and charm, it's hard to not choose tubular metal fences. They can grace many areas of your home while providing a durable barrier. Here are some places to install this fencing around your home.

Bordering Your Property Front

A front fence needs to protect your property and enhance its appearance. Tubular metal performs well on both counts. You can construct these fences at various heights to bolster security, and spearhead models feature pointed tips that deter climbing. A variety of styles range from simple flat-top fences to elaborate designs with decorative scrolls and circles, so you can install any kind to complement your home and landscape. Also, you can combine the tubular metal rods with other fence materials such as brick or cement, so the tubes perform as infill. To cap off your facade, install a gorgeous, elaborate entrance gate that matches the fencing. 

Around A Pool

A safe and secure tubular fence around your pool area provides a classic elegance to the landscape. Aluminium and stainless steel naturally repel rust, so you won't need to worry about corrosion from splashing pool water. Other types of steel typically have a galvanising layer of zinc for protection, and a baked-on polyester paint often forms an extra shield. Select from a range of hues to blend the pool fencing with the landscape; typical colours include green, blue, black and grey. Consider the tones in the pool decking, the landscape and your home's architecture for the most cohesive effect.

Encircling A Balcony Or Mezzanine

The fencing around a balcony should form a substantial barrier to keep everyone safe. Tubular metal is extremely strong and durable. Install an attractive, timeless design to create a beautiful and relaxing outdoor area. As the breeze can flutter through the railings, the fencing won't create a hot and humid space that traps heat. 

Encompassing An Outdoor Patio

While fencing around a low-level patio is not compulsory as it is with a pool deck, installing a fence can organise and contain the area, allowing you to create a unified layout. Consider the flooring when selecting a tubular style; metal complements both natural stone and concrete. Construct the barrier in straight lines for a minimalist vibe, or for added whimsy and charm, gently curve the fence around the patio. Take heed of other metal elements in the vicinity when choosing the hue, such as guttering, roofing or garage doors. 

For more information, reach out to fencing contractors.